Below are a list of our ministry friends and connections. We encourage you to get to know them and the great work they are doing to advance the Kingdom of God.

Harold & Linda Eberle (Worldcast Ministries) – Harold and Linda are the founders of Worldcast Ministries and pastored a church for six years beginning in 1980. After a fruitful season pastoring, Harold felt a call to travel and minister to the larger Body of Christ; with special focus on the Philippines, Africa and the Middle East.

Sandra Bell (Jesus Word Ministries) – Sandra is the staff evangelist at Jesus Word Ministries, INC. She has been sent to Israel, Panama, Mexico, El Salvador, Ukraine, and sixteen other nations. For more information, visit our Missions page.

Connie V. Scott (Resound & B# Productions) – Connie is a passionate communicator, writer, creative designer, singer/songwriter, recording artist (and engineer), published author, public speaker, educator, and itinerate minister. She was the founder of Voice of Hope Ministries; a teaching and music ministry which was in existence for 15 years. After time away from active ministry, Connie is now working on her 5th recording project and starting a new ministry called Resound.

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