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My Kingdom

Hello Everyone – This is a word that the Lord gave me on 2-1-16, I would like to share with you. I pray it blesses you as much as it did me.
~ Peri ☺

My kingdom is within you. Now you must bring My Kingdom to all those around you. Sometimes My Kingdom will be forgiveness, sometimes peace, love or favor and righteousness. Every time you are in the presence of someone, they are in My presence and My Kingdom is available to them. Let the Kingdom flow out of you, as if I were standing right there before them, because I AM, in you. Listen to My Spirit, My voice, while you are before them and give freely, even as you have received freely. I have given you everything that pertains to life and godliness, not just for you, but, for those that you meet. Be My conduit to the earth for heaven and you will truly see My glory and everything that you desire, all of Me, you will have, feel, experience, know. Every sense of your being will know, feel, experience ME, all that I AM.

But, just as a conduit that is stuck or clogged cannot flow, neither can you unless you get out those clogs… those hindrances. Relationship with Me everyday will remove them. Just as water will remove the clog in a conduit, My living water, as you spend time with Me, removes those clogs in your life and brings you into light and life; love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self control. Think of these things as part of the manifestations of My Kingdom, to others around you. Supernatural characteristics that this world is no longer familiar with. Then My power will flow through you individually, to every individual. Just as the Father ministered through Me individually to each individual, so will He through you. Each person is different and, therefore, requires a different part of the Kingdom through you. Each need different, but My kingdom is all they need. Take a moment, in the presence of each person I send you to or I send to you, and listen. Then manifest the part of My Kingdom that they need, just as I did.

All will be well with your life, your country, your earth as you seek My face and speak the words that I declare through you. Speak and do not be ashamed or afraid. Do not be as Peter was when he spoke the words of faith over the wind and the waves, but then looked at the natural and became afraid, losing his faith, turning what could have been a supernatural victory into a much needed lesson. Don’t look at your failures as failure, look at them as lessons to grow by. My mercy and loving kindness toward you is new every morning. Just as you get up every morning and drink your coffee, remember to receive and drink deeply of My mercy and loving kindness towards you and in you everyday, and then you will be able to show mercy and loving kindness to those around you. Stop listening to the lies of the enemy concerning how I feel about you! Even when you are not acting like Me and manifesting My kingdom, I still have nothing but love, kindness and mercy for you. When you really believe that, then you will begin to be able to show/bring forth My Kingdom to others. Then you will truly walk in the supernatural… the fruit AND the gifts.

So, let your soul be at peace and rest in My love. Quit striving and just know that I AM your love in you, and you in Me, and I will never stop or ever leave. Go about your day with that understanding, that knowledge, and you will truly be free and truly know ME. Because who the Son sets free is FREE INDEED! You will see, you will hear, you will perceive. Clearly, as your heart is soft with the knowledge of My love, you will not have to harden it any longer, to protect yourself from the lies of the enemy concerning Me and Thee… (Yes He did say Thee ☺).

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