Bricks – Children’s Ministry Event

Brief summary about the recent children’s ministry event in our park.

Hope you are all doing well. Things are super busy here, but great!

Sorry no description of the event was included with the link. I Just wanted to share with a few friends and it was late.

This was a joint effort with a handful of local friends from local churches and a group called YWAM ‘youth with a mission’. They were visiting from Georgia. This was the 2nd of two visits. The first visit there were 14 youth missionaries, but this week only three were available. But ended up with about 80 local children and over 20 adults.

Singing, a little dancing, ice cream cart, did for the children, great bags for all, fun scripture memorizing time, and lots of play time! So fun! Our next desired/needed project for the neighborhood is a covered area that families can use during the hot sunny days for shade and that we can do arts, crafts, and Bible stories even during the rain. Waiting for quotes on costs. Will be a blessing to many.

Thanks to each of you for your friendship, ongoing support in Prayer and financially. It all makes a positive contribution! God bless.

Yours in Christ,
Bill and Gina Brick

*Here is a link to view some pictures from the event:

My Kingdom

Hello everyone – This is a word that the Lord gave me on 2-1-16, I would like to share with you. I pray it blesses you as much as it did me.
~ Peri 🙂

My kingdom is within you. Now you must bring My Kingdom to all those around you. Sometimes My Kingdom will be forgiveness, sometimes peace, love or favor and righteousness. Every time you are in the presence of someone, they are in My presence and My Kingdom is available to them. Let the Kingdom flow out of you, as if I were standing right there before them, because I AM, in you. Listen to My Spirit, My voice, while you are before them and give freely, even as you have received freely. Continue Reading

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