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We invite you to learn more about the Emmanuel Ministries’ Family; those who serve on our board, are ordained through Emmanuel Ministries, as well as minister along side us or throughout the nations. Each person is part of the EM Family! Simply click on the image to read bios.

Emmanuel Ministries Board


Rev. Lin Wood is the President of Emmanuel Ministries and has been ministering the Gospel of the Kingdom for 30 years. When he was just 17, he began traveling across the United States from his base in Texas, preaching the power of God; and has had the privilege of seeing the Lord follow His living word with signs and wonders, as He promised He would do.

He moved to Austin, Texas in 1990, and formed a service-oriented fellowship that became a powerful source of encouragement and provision for those in need in the area. The Lord called him to travel to Utah with two other ministers in 1994, where he met his wife, Peri.

He combined his gifts with his wife in 1995, and since then has pastored four different fellowships, ordained and released into the ministry those the Lord has sent to him, ministered at tent revivals, conferences and spoken the encouraging prophetic word over many.

Lin’s heart is to see the Body of Christ rise up in power and authority and preach the Kingdom; walking in all that the Lord Jesus did while He was on this earth. The love and compassion of Jesus, combined with His power and glory is his cry. Let your kingdom come through your people to this earth Lord!


Founder / Vice President / Secretary

Peri Wood is the founder of Emmanuel Ministries, and has ministered the Gospel of Jesus Christ and HIs Kingdom in Mexico, Canada and the United States for the past 33 years. She serves the Body of Christ with her husband Lin in Anahuac, Texas; and together they have three children and three grandchildren.

The Lord called Peri to the mission field in 1984, where she began the adventure of a lifetime; pioneering churches, ministering in crusades and conferences, and seeing the Lord truly manifest His glory. It is her heart to see Jesus lifted up so that all people would be drawn unto Him, and that God’s loving character be known and manifested in a broken, chaotic, and confused world. Peri teaches the Body of Christ to rise up in power and authority, so we can truly manifest the Kingdom of God on this earth, reveal the strategies of the enemy and TAKE BACK OUR LAND! The Mighty God of the universe lives within us and this is our quest… because it is His Heart.



Kimberly found the Lord at an early age of 4, and has served in many churches for the majority of her life. Widowed at 31, husband Peter Bell and Kimberly were part of the original Emmanuel Ministries leadership team. Peter and Kimberly flew supplies, doctors, dentists and visitors to the churches planted on the Mexican Baja by Emmanuel Ministries.

During the past 25 years, Kimberly has been raising her only son, Jeremiah and working in Aviation. She now resides in Washington DC, working for the Federal Government.

Kimberly serves Emmanuel Ministries as the Treasurer, and was recently ordained by the leadership team. Her  Christian ministry involvement includes: Church planting in California and Washington States, Youth leader in Washington State, Worship leader, Christian Counselor, Foster Care volunteer  in California and Bible teacher.

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State Registered Agent

Rev. Gloria Santa Cruz has been part of Emmanuel Ministries since…..


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Emmanuel Ministries Team

EM Ordained

Corby and Sharla were ordained through Emmanuel Ministries on July 7, 2007, and have ministered with Lin and Peri for 17 years, beginning in Price, Utah, where Corby served as the Youth Pastor for their church, The Upper Room. Corby is a gifted and anointed musician, singer/songwriter and ministers through His music. He is currently serving as the worship leader for Emmanuel Ministries. If you would like Corby to come and minister at your church or event, please complete the ministry request form.

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