About Us

Emmanuel Ministries, was founded in 1986 as a 501c3 non-profit, nondenominational organization, for the sole purpose of lifting up Jesus, so that all men would be drawn onto Him. The founders at that time had been called to Mexico to preach the gospel of Jesus, planting churches in areas where there were none already established and serving those in need.

bajatartugasThe first place the Lord called EM was a small fishing village in the Baja, called Bahia Tortugas (Turtle Bay), where one Christian man had fasted and prayed for twenty years that the Lord would send a missionary to bring the gospel to his town. The Lord did just that and sent EM, where they began establishing relationships, having church services in the local bakery and seeing the love and mercy of Jesus being manifest to many hungry and hurting people. We were eventually blessed to build a church called Centro Cristiano Emanuel ( Emmanuel Christian Center) which is still a thriving church today, pastored by one of the children we had ministered to 28 years ago, Pastor Benito Emeterio.

From the beautiful and miraculous new lives that were created there, came the second work that was started in another fishing village an hour away called Bahia Asunción, where darkness had reigned for way too long. Noe Emeterio, cousin to Pastor Benito, had been a Communist terrorist, before meeting Jesus miraclously in our Easter service. He felt called of the Lord, after we had mentored he and his wife for a year, to begin the work in Asunción. We finished discipling the group in Tortugas, with the understanding that we would take over the church in Asunción after the Lord had established the local pastor, so that Noe could go out and do the work of an Evangelist.Through much suffering, but also much triumph, the church was born in Asunción and the core group of EM was growing. The Lord indeed called Pastor Beto Emeterio to lead the church in Tortugas, and we, the missionaries, went on to Asunción to take over the church, releasing and commisioning Evangelist Noe Emetario to the nations, where he is still bringing the miraclous power and love of the Lord to the lost and hurting.

In 1989, the Lord called EM back to the states; and the church in Bahia Asunción was entrusted to the Foursquare denomination for service and longevity. Since returning to the States almost 26 years ago, EM has worked with missionaries around the world to see the gospel preached and His glory made manifest; supplying, by the grace of God, the physical and spiritual needs of His church so that those that don’t yet know Him, would be able to experience the great joy of knowing and being known by the living God.

Emmanuel Ministries also feels very called to America and has had the privilege of planting churches here in the States; and ordaining and sending out ministries into the kingdom to fulfill the call of God on their lives. The core group of EM has grown since it’s inception, but the purpose is the same today as we move forward; to manifest the true character of Jesus by His Spirit to the earth, so that all would know how much He loves them and desires that they live in freedom, joy, love, peace and forgiveness.

We are all part of His-story, we invite you to make History with us!

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